Range Day!

TA’AZ Security Training Academy took over 70 of our Iraqi security staff through their annual range live firing practice. The instructors gave our staff tuition on marksmanship ensuring everyone departed the range with greater confidence and skill.
Never missing a training opportunity our Training Manager guided his Instructors through a thorough risk assessment of the activities. Safety is always our priority!
This annual practice is the last link in the loop of continuous training and assessment. The Team Leaders and Site Security Managers pass on their knowledge while conducting a thorough package of weapon handling skills. The package covers everything from correct firing positions to effects of the weather. Furthermore staff are given instruction on the ‘Rules for the Use of Force’ as well as guidance from the ‘International Code of Conduct’ (ICOC) and ‘The Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights’ (VPSHR). Consequently our team members are more able to make informed decisions in times of crisis.