Group CEO Message

Dear Valued Client,
It is my pleasure as the Group CEO and Owner of TA’AZ Group to welcome you to review our company via this web site. I hope you will see our commitment to excellence and desire to provide clients what they want, when they want it. I then invite you to examine my group of companies in greater detail to see if TA’AZ Group can provide your company the support you are looking for.

I have built TA’AZ Group by ensuring that every client is viewed as a long-term client. It is the relationship between TA’AZ and the Client that is important to me. In order to have long term relationships, I have invested heavily in my employees as it is these people who have the daily contact with our clients. This is not a short-term investment, rather it is a long-term investment. Some of my clients from when I started TA’AZ Construction in 1994 are still valued clients today.

I am proud that TA’AZ Group is 100% Iraqi owned and has proven time and time again that we can compete with Iraqi and International companies in a range of services including Construction, Logistics, Demining, Security and Accommodation.

My staff have been recruited from Iraq and around the world, we therefore have local knowledge and international experience. We are ready to implement a customized set of solutions designed to respond to your requirements. We can achieve this through the following:

  • Wide ranging experience in providing technically complex and simple services as per what the customer wants.
  • Proven capability in mobilizing effectively to ensure continuity of operations for our clients.
  • Ability and willingness to combine and tailor multiple services as required, and flexibility to adjust solutions rapidly as the situation and customer needs change.

On behalf of TA’AZ Group, I pledge the resources necessary to support all of my clients in any way necessary to provide the highest levels of service. We are committed to excellence, efficiency, and responsiveness at all times.

Best Regards

Vahan Gregor
Group CEO