TA’AZ CONSTRUCTION delivers a full range of design, engineering, and construction services as well as logistic and life support. Having operated in many remote and hostile environments for over 20 years we know what it takes to establish a project platform in new and difficult locations. We have been at the forefront of deploying and working in the most difficult and remote locations around the world.
Today TAAZ Construction works providing such essential services as design/build construction, life support, logistics, and power generation. We are proud of the reputation we have built with our clients.
Our management team has performed services on multi-million dollar projects for life support, construction, camp management, and power generation, specifically within the Middle East, Iraq for IOC, and various US government agencies and prime contractors.

TA’AZ CONSTRUCTION is a 100% Iraqi-owned Company. it was founded in 1994 by Mr. Vahan Gregor specialized in Construction and Engineering.
Mr. Vahan then created and developed TA’AZ demining and TA’AZ Security as stand-alone companies that would complement each other so that clients can be offered true turnkey solutions.


TA’AZ Group services will ensure value for our stakeholders by utilizing skilled management, innovative solutions and effortless teamwork on our projects, that leave a lasting impact in those regions in which operate.


Coping with the latest technologies the construction industry on the national, regional and international level, including devices, equipment, and machineries that are used in this industry and continuing the improvement and upgrading the performance level of the administrative and technical employees of company.


Our approach is to divest authority in experienced teams so that sound decisions are made quickly and company communications are instantaneous. This allows us to deliver strong, whenever and wherever we’re called. According to our clients, this distinction sets us apart from many larger and less agile firms. TAAZ Construction competencies center on construction, program management, life support, logistics, and communications. We continue to develop new disciplines that align with our strengths as markets demand.
We regularly review and refine existing business processes and seek client feedback to improve our service delivery. We’re proud to say that this approach is the foundation for our longevity and success.