TA’AZ Security 141 was the 3rd addition to the 100% Iraqi-owned TA’AZ Group portfolio that encompasses Construction, Demining & Security. Formed in 2010 around the nucleus of an experienced expatriate management team, TA’AZ Security 141 fully understands the strategic and tactical requirements of business within Iraq and the evolving environment that demands a flexible approach for Security Solutions. Over 85% of our personnel are Local Nationals.

TA’AZ Security 141 is growing from strength to strength, particularly as an enabling service provider to the Oil & Gas Sector and is the only local Security Company supporting two International Oil Companies as a Prime Security Provider and has passed the stringent BGC stringent Auditing process. TA’AZ continues to refine its service offerings and develop new ones in line with the highest industry standards and best practice. Our market position as the premier ‘home-grown’ private security company in Iraq is a cornerstone of our success to date and we continue to benefit from the considerable good will that we have cultivated within the Iraqi state apparatus including access to the highest levels of the Government when required. TA’AZ places huge importance on our Client Relationships, providing a ‘personal touch’ that can be lost in the Security Industry and recognizes the importance of our loyal & experienced Team as the ‘face’ of TA’AZ. Delivery on major integrated security services contracts in support of the full

Our Principles:

TAAZ Security 141 Vision

To continue our position as No 1 Iraqi security provider in Southern Iraq.

TAAZ Security 141 Mission

TA’AZ Security 141 is to provide a secure environment for Clients and their equipment in order for their business to succeed.

TA'AZ Security 141 Service Offerings

A brief summary of the scope of services provided by TA’AZ Security 141 is shown below. This list is not exhaustive and other services can be tailored to fully meet Client requirements:

With over 8 years’ experience in the Provision of Static Site Security, TA’AZ has the management experience and suitably qualified and trained personnel to support our Static Contracts across Southern Iraq. Personnel are tested for aptitude and if successful trained to conduct Static Site Security.  Mandatory subjects include health and safety, first aid, H2S and firefighting techniques as well as all topics necessary for the conduct of roles and responsibilities 

(weapon handling, incident procedure, Rules for the Use of Force etc.)

The MST (Mobile Security Teams) / PSD (Protective Security Detail) are vital to the protection of Client personnel and TA’AZ Security 141 places great emphasis on the careful selection, training and support of these staff. Only personnel with extensive and verified previous experience are recruited. Successful candidates, once employed, are required to conduct continuation training on a regular basis overseen by TA’AZ Training Academy in North Rumaila.


TAAZ Security Team conducting training.
TAAZ Security Team conducting training.

Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) capability to coordinate and monitor 24-hour operations can be provided either at project level on the Client premises or from the TA’AZ Security Operations Control Centre (SOCC) in Rumaila.  TA’AZ seeks to combine the latest technologies with experienced managerial personnel to provide robust operational and incident management in all scenarios. 

C3I - TAAZ Security Operations room at TA’AZ Camp in North Rumaila
TAAZ Security Operations room at TA’AZ Camp in North Rumaila

The newest addition to our scope of services is the provision of Aviation Security (AVSEC). Taaz Security in collaboration with a reputable international security company provides aviation security services in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organisation & Transport Security Organisation

AVSEC services include:

  • AVSEC Management
  • AVSEC Supervision
  • AVSEC Agents & Guards
  • AVSEC Management experts in procedures and regulations
  • Air Marshall Program Design
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Basic & Advanced First Aid & AVMED training
  • Airport Screening, interpretation & Management skills
  • Airport or Airline Security Manager Training
TAÁZ Aviation Security
TAÁZ Aviation Security

The Training Academy is based at our Southern Region Base in North Rumaila managed by an expatriate Training Manager and supported by experienced and qualified local Instructors. The Academy has the capability to deliver over 20 Internationally Accredited Courses.

TA'AZ Training Academy offers Internationally (UK) Highfields Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) Level 3 qualified Close Protection and First Person on the Scene, (FPOS-I) Medically Qualified IRAQI Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders. TA’AZ now has over 40 local personnel qualified to International Standards showing our commitment to our Team, the ‘face’ of the Company.

TA’AZ Training Academy provide courses within the following subject areas:

  • PSC Security courses from Level 1 Basic Guard Course through to Level 3 Close Protection and FPOS-I Courses and Accreditations.
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training.
  • Defensive Driving Course.
  • HSSE courses.
  • First Aid and Advanced Medical courses.
  • Risk Assessment courses.
  • Tailored training for Clients specific. requirements.

All trained personnel are now fully employed in Mobile Security Teams supporting our Clients.
We can also deliver courses to our Clients utilizing the full scope of the Training Academy facility with accommodation on site for the candidates.

TA’AZ Security 141 was the first and only PSC in Southern Iraq to provide carefully selected and trained IRAQI Leaders who possess the same International Qualifications as their Expatriate counterparts. This ensures resilience in our Team and commitment to the future development of employment opportunities.

TA'AZ Security 141 Delivery Cornerstones

The following delivery ‘foundations’ of TA’AZ Security 141 services are intended to ensure high quality services and proactive Client interaction throughout the duration of a Contract/Project ensuring the Client can rely upon TA’AZ as their Security Provider.

The TA’AZ Management Team, with a ‘hands on’ approach from our Managing Director, Mr. Adel Salman, takes an active role in contract management throughout the life of the contract. Our Country Management Team takes a proactive approach in the effective provision of all contractual requirements and holds regular meetings, both internal and with the Client, to review the quality of the services with the aim for continuous improvement and actively using ‘lessons learnt’. Our Senior Management ethos is one of openness and trust, allowing Client access at all levels within the organisation.

At project level, personnel are carefully selected to ensure their suitability for role and receive comprehensive training and a remuneration package designed to promote corporate loyalty and improve retention. A Systems Approach to Training (SAT) is utilized to identify all necessary generic and specific-to-role objectives and ensure that correct instruction is given to all staff.  Best efforts are made to instill a sense of pride in the teams and guarantee quality performance.

Equipment is selected for its reliability, ease of use and fitness for purpose and has been proven in a number of previous operations. We engage where possible with Local Suppliers to support the Community so far as standards and compliance are maintained.

TA'AZ Security 141 Infrastructure and Delivery Support

All TA’AZ services are underpinned by our investment in the following in-country infrastructure and wider delivery support capacities.

TA’AZ maintains dedicated Liaison Officers (LOs) based within the Basra, Missan and Nasiriyah areas with the responsibility of project coordination and facilitation with the key local actors including the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Ministry of Interior (Police and OPF), local Government officials, tribal elders and the Southern Oil Company (SOC).  

TA’AZ can provide PSD teams for tasking within the Basra & Baghdad Areas on an Adhoc basis or PSD surge capacity to existing projects if required.

TA’AZ has a life support camp within North Rumaila and a secure villa in Basra City and Baghdad.

TA'AZ Security 141 Innovative Approach

It was the observation that the Security Industry in Iraq had become monopolistic, with large Private Security Companies both assessing the threat and dictating how it could be mitigated, that led to the creation of TA’AZ Security 141.   We believed that there was a gap in the market not just for a quality ‘home-grown’ Iraqi security provider, but for a smaller company that could offer the same level of quality assurance over our product and was truly prepared to listen to what the Client wanted.

In shaping our business ethos, we have focused on taking a fresh approach in key areas, born from our understanding of the operating needs of, as well as commercial pressures on, the Client and working with them to build innovative security solutions that are balanced against commercial realities.

We recognize that many Oil & Gas companies, and Commercial Organizations operating in Iraq already have an extensive knowledge of the operating environment and have-in-house security expertise upon which to draw. Therefore, we endeavor to enhance your expertise and knowledge with our own in an open planning relationship to construct the security profile that is right for you. We believe that transparency is the best policy and endeavor to give the Client as much control over the ‘product’ as they desire, in accordance with their expectations in terms of quality and cost. Our strategy? To share in your success by enabling your business in Iraq to grow through innovative and cost-effective security solutions that enhance your competitive edge without compromising on quality.

TA'AZ Security 141 Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility are defining characteristics of our business model.  Most of our experience has been as a security provider to Oilfield & Commercial Services in Iraq and we understand intimately the challenges particular to those businesses.  For example, the need to support frequent tender submissions with technical advice and pricing under pressure of time; the need to increase/decrease resources on demand, often at short notice; the need to adapt to different environments and profiles which are often driven by the Oilfield Operator; and the need to be truly expeditionary to follow the business.

TA'AZ Security 141 Account Management

The TA’AZ in-country Key Account Manager as the interface with our Clients along with the Country Manager and Business Development Manager. They offer pro-active ‘through-life’ key management involvement to anticipate changing demand and refine resourcing plans accordingly. In addition to fulfilling a key role in the TA’AZ Quality Management System through monitoring Client feedback, the principal function of the Country Manager Team is to gain a detailed understanding of the nature of the Client’s operations and to ensure that our services remain balanced and flexible to evolving needs.
We encourage the Client to always involve the Country Management Team in your security planning early so that they may best shape the product to your requirement and identify upstream efficiencies to optimise costs. The Key Account Manager is also there to provide direct support to all our Project Managers.

TA'AZ Security 141 Iraqi-sation & Job Creation

Being Iraq’s premier ‘home-grown’ private security company, it is at our core to build Iraqi capacities and create local livelihoods. TA’AZ Security is the newest addition to the 100% Iraqi-owned TA’AZ Group along with sister companies in Construction & Demining services, all of which offer significant employment opportunity as well as skills development to many Iraqi Nationals. We believe in the employment, development and training of Iraqi personnel wherever possible as part of our commitment to invest in the local community as well as to raise cultural awareness and gain local ‘consent’ to the presence and activities of both ourselves and our Clients.
Furthermore, TA’AZ is developing the necessary expertise amongst our Iraqi staff through a programme of structured training to create the opportunity for genuine career progression and reduce, where practical, our expat content. As an example, we are able to supply Iraqi Guard Shift Supervisors as well as Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders within Armed Protection Teams, having undergone comprehensive training and met certain key performance criteria and evaluations.

TA'AZ Security 141 Relevant Work Experience

We work diligently to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. TA’AZ Security 141 serves all the major sectors. Some of our major clients are:

We have strived to consolidate our Business in recent years ensuring that we do not ‘over promise and under deliver to our Clients’. Our constant aim is to sustain our reputation as being the reliable Security Company of choice in Southern Iraq. Our operations have grown steadily, particularly in support of the Iraq Oil & Gas Sector. April 2017 saw TA’AZ Security 141 successfully complete its first Task in Baghdad which will remain an area of focus to develop the business further and to be able to support our Clients countrywide and in July 2018 we were selected as the prime Static Security Provider to LMEL on West Qurna 2. TA’AZ has passed Audits with Basra Gas Company (BGC), one of the highest remaining Security Standards in Southern Iraq and demanding of ourselves that we meet these high standards – not only on Day 1 of delivery, but every day.
We wish to develop the business at a pace that will not compromise safety, delivery or standards.

TA'AZ Security 141 Testimonials

The TA’AZ Management Team brings with it a mass of experience and detailed knowledge of international security best practice procedures and standards.  Below are a couple of ‘snapshots’ of completed and current security projects managed by the TA’AZ team as well as extracts from testimonials written by the Client.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes

TAAZ Security were awarded a Mobile and Static Security Contract with Baker Hughes with a very short mobilization period and in fact committed assets to the project and were providing compliant security teams well within the expected mobilisation timeframe. They provided a seamless transition with no disruption to operations.   TAAZ have a “can do attitude” – from Senior Management to Team Leaders and Security Operators, all TAAZ staff understand our needs and are able to ensure operations are conducted without any hold up or difficulty”

TA’AZ Security Ltd has been contracted to Baker Hughes employed on the Pipeline Speciality Services Contract in support of Basra Gas Company (BGC). This project encompasses both static and mobile security within both the Rumaila and West Qurna 1 Oilfields to enable a safe working environment for the pipeline project staff.



Even in the early days of their contract delivery, TA’AZ Security has already proved their worth in terms of their integrative management ethos and thorough technical approach. To have over a contract of the size and diversity of Weatherford’s in a seamless fashion was no mean feat and testimony to the capabilities and future potential of this company …I highly recommend that all international companies seek “Iraqi-sation” with quality assurance look closely at TA’AZ Security as a potential provider for their security needs

TA’AZ is currently the principal security provider to the Oilfield Services Company, Weatherford Oil Tools Middle East (WOTME) in Iraq.  The scope of services TA’AZ provide to WOTME include Static Site Security for four base camps and several drilling rigs across Southern Iraq, including the Rumaila Oilfield, overarching Security Management for WOTME’s South Iraq operations and Mobile Personnel Protective Security in support of the inflow and outflow of over 100 personnel a week between Basra, Dhi Qar and Maysan province.



TA’AZ has offered always its best efforts & quality services in every phase and [are] an invaluable partner… I am confident that TA’AZ has all knowledge & skills to meet [all the] Security requirements of international projects

ENKON is a Turkish company specializing in the non-destructive testing of oil and gas pipelines. TA’AZ supported ENKON’s contract with BP to conduct testing and welding of oil pipelines in the Rumaila Oilfield.  Day-to-day work included providing PSDs to transport the testing teams to enable them to survey the pipelines in the area.  This included providing dynamic security while the testing teams were dismounted from their vehicles

TA'AZ Security 141 Compliance

TA’AZ ensures that all its services are conducted in accordance with Iraqi Law (Iraqi Penal Code 1969) and all applicable rules, regulations and decrees of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior including the regular supply of information to the National Information and Investigations Agency (NIIA).

TA’AZ has all necessary in-date licences to provide security services in Iraq and operates under the Ministry of Interior registered licence number 141.  TA’AZ also holds a business license with the Ministry of Trade.  All license documents are kept centrally at the TA’AZ HQ in Basra.

Although TA’AZ Security Company is an Iraqi company that is not registered in the UK or subject to UK law, it has been decided that in order to offer the highest standards of conduct within its business dealings in Iraq, TA’AZ and its employees shall adhere to spirit and provisions of the UK Bribery Act 2010.  TA’AZ requires all employees to sign a declaration as a condition of employment that they shall adhere to the Act and all personnel receive training on a robust package of ethics, anti-corruption and compliance policies and procedures.

TA'AZ Security 141 Voluntary International Principles

TA’AZ is meticulous about its adherence to all legal and oversight matters relevant to PSC contractors operating in Iraq and we operate within the guidelines of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC), the recommendations of which are emphasised in our SOPs:

TA’AZ observes the United Nations Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights in the conduct of its services and training of its personnel.

Personnel are fully trained in RUF procedures and receive weekly revision as well as being issued with RUF Aide De Memoires to carry with them. All personnel have the necessary MOI and security clearance.

TA'AZ Security 141 Value Added

  • By leveraging the depth of resources available through the TA’AZ Group, TA’AZ Security can bring to bear significant capabilities to assist our Clients and maintain critical operating capabilities. This includes value adds in areas such as Demining, Construction (security civil works) and turnkey life support services. Our Iraqi roots, and resultant extensive local support networks, however, has rapidly become our most significant ‘value add’ as well as a differentiating factor from our competitors.
  • TA’AZ continues to deliver cost effective services to support the fluid business within Iraq and to ensure mutual support to current and potential clients.

TA’AZ Security 141 is proud to offer you the best “Value for Money” Mobile Security Team (MST) rates in Southern Iraq and Baghdad. The composition of our Teams are tailored to meet your requirements. As well offering experienced Expatriate Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders we have ensured throughout 2017, and progressing into 2018, that our support to continued development of our Local National Team has continued. Our time is invested in supporting the local community for employment opportunities.

TA'AZ Security 141 ROSPA Certificate